2 Important Concepts & Tips To Conquer Your Goals In Life’s Journey

Reaching your goals can be like climbing Mt. Everest, which can only be climbed in multiple stages. 

Breaking Down Large Steps Into Smaller Steps is Crucial For Success

What ever you’re attracted to an idea it’s for a reason and that’s why you should focus on it. Listening to your inner compass which has its own magnetic field that connects to earth it can say a lot and can guide you to your destiny. You ever go to a place you are familiar with and you feel at home it means the your magnetic energy has a connection to that geographical area in that location. Your body remembers that area as home well that the inner intuition that you need to guide your self down the right path in life too. The natural skill sets that you have you should build from and not veer away from them. The places you want to go or friends you have around is all for a reason that you can learn from them. What ever path you choose is up to you and knowing your self is the key to success. what ever you think you might like to do or a goal is something that you should stick with and your body will be urging itself to accomplish. Listening to those inner voice is a skill. Figuring out your hobbies, goals, what makes you happy is what you need to focus on and get good at your base skills. Everyone is different and things may not work out at first but you need to stick with that niche and create a social network which is your planetary orbit similar to the orbit of the planets. Breaking down your goals into smaller more attainable goals is a good way to take on a difficult challenge one step at a time. You want to feel that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, which will fill you with confidence.  Reaching a great achievement is the best part of life and will only happen if you have the mentality of a slow turtle instead of a fast rabbit. Accomplishments that are worthwhile never come overnight, so never give up on your goals. Sometimes things can get difficult and even sometimes your life overtakes what you are working towards because you have bills to pay or you have to take care of a sick loved one. This will take time away from working on yourself or any of your ideas. Working on your goals is a blessing and bringing them into reality can be a surreal experience.      

* Sometimes obstacles can be overwhelming at their face value but breaking down your goals is good way to make them approachable. 

* Conquering a challenging goal is what gives you character in this life.

* Building confidence by conquering smaller goals will allow you to achieve feats that were previously unattainable. 

Sometimes conquering a goal or a dream it sometimes like looking at a elephant in a room and you have to break it up in smaller segments to starting working on your dreams

Using a whiteboard to visually represent your goals and progress can be a helpful way to ensure you are slowly working towards achieving your goal. 

Mistakes Can Be Our Greatest Teacher And We Must Always Learn How to Move Forward

Trying to progress beyond a failure can be difficult for people and sometimes will cripple their sense of confidence. We can learn from our mistakes and let them teach us rather than ruin our drive to reach our goals. Stagnation isn’t good for the human mind, so you never want to let a failure slow you down. Never dwell on a past failure, but analyze it so you know what went wrong to prevent this from occurring in the future. Build a list of goals you want to conquer in the following 6 months and make sure you reach it. This is a good way to make sure that a minor hiccup doesn’t slow you down. Remember, you want to take on your goals one step at a time so you’re not faced with a goal that is overwhelming. 

* You don’t want the graph of your life’s progress to have big peaks and valleys; you want it to be a slow incline with minor dips. 

* Never let a failure run your life. 

* Try to set end dates for your goals so you feel a small amount of pressure as the date approaches to finish them.

* Remember to track progress visually using something like a white board.

* Cross out goals when you accomplish them, this will make you feel like you are progressing.

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