3 Good Ways To Get Through Hard Times Thats Seen In Day To Day Life

Finding time to read and strengthen the mind can help you get over obstacles.

Finding Out Who You Are As A Person And Learning To Let Go Of What You Can’t Control Is A Virtue 

In life, people will be subjected to obstacles that will test their character. The obstacles that you go through will make you grow into the person you are today. Life does not play out like a Disney fairy tale for everybody. Most people have to endure misfortune and struggle in order to make a better situation for themselves. There is always someone with a more unfortunate situation than yours and so you must learn to make the best out of what you got. Life is about enduring these battles in order to improve the life for the future generations. Here are three ways that you can conquer life’s arduous battles and live with the confidence you need to have a stress free lifestyle. Trying to figure out your weakness and what you’re strong at is good way to plug away on what you need to work on. Once your’e able to adjust to particular stressful situation’s those issue that once gave you trouble will now be a walk in the park. If you able to whether the storm you will be able almost stay strong when things get bad in life. Always remember their are better days in front of you and just like the seasons your bodies ability to adapt it’s similar. You ever hear the saying that if you can conquer something difficult you can conquer anything thats true you just have to create the coping mechanism to withstand what ever is put in front of you as an obstacle. Life is similar to natural selection where only the strong survive, To be Tolerant to what you got threw you need to have skills adapt to your surroundings.

 1. Focus On The Fact That The Human Body Is Designed To Adapt To New Environments.

Human being are biochemical organisms designed to adapt to a variety of environments and situations through chemical mechanisms that have developed through the evolutionary process. Our brains are able to assess our environment by analyzing information in the form of neuronal activity. If the brain senses that the environment is changing significantly, it will adjust the internal chemical state of the organism in order to adjust accordingly to a new situation or environment. Just like diamond formation when carbon is subjected to enormous amounts of pressure in the ground, the stresses you go through will make you able to withstand future stresses. If you find yourself in a bad situation and feel like the stress you are feeling is so potent that is consuming, focus on the fact your body will soon adapt to this new situation. Once your body adapts, you will feel the confidence necessary to tackle the problems you face in your new environment. The adaptation process takes time, so you need to have the determination to push yourself through to the other side. From my own personal experience, I have found it takes 2-4 weeks for my body to adjust to a new stressful environment. Your mental health and physical health are very important. During times when you can feel your body is releasing a lot of stress hormones, you need to focus on stress relieving activities such as exercise and socializing. People typically underestimate the stress relieving benefits of cardiovascular exercise.  Listening to your favorite music can really help such as classical music by Franz Schubert string quartet #13 or the best album similar Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium with your hair in the wind.

* Figuring out ways deal with stress is important. 

* A simple drive around the neighborhood could be the answer.

* Learning how to survive and cope is key to mental peace

You have to develop your mind so that you can cope with stressors and stay busy with life Goals

 2. Create Coping Skills That Elevate Your Stress Tolerance And To Learn The Triggers That Make You Upset

When dealing with hard times, you want to stay preoccupied. If your doctor says it is safe to exercise, I recommend a difficult cardiovascular exercise routine. This is an extremely beneficial way to deal with stressful life situations because exercise will readjust your chemical equilibrium to a less stressful state. Either go to school or find an occupation that will keep you busy because human beings don’t usually fair well with too much free time.  Starting a new group of friends can be a challenge but is very rewarding if you find people you can establish a trusting relationship with. If you are dealing with something extremely traumatic, consider moving away from the area to get out of the environment that makes you feel this overbearing stress until you are strong enough to move back. Even though our bodies adapt to stressful situations, prolonged stress can damage our bodies. So if you feel your body isn’t adjusting after one month, don’t continue further with your routine. This is when you need to consider relocating so that you don’t expose yourself to harmful triggers or prolonged stress. Reach out to your friends and family as well if they are available to provide support. Always surround yourself with positive people and try to stay busy to let the time pass. Time will heal all wounds. Try listening to music so you can learn to relax your mind when it is in state of stress. Getting out of the house for a therapeutic car ride around town and getting something to drink, just getting some time outside the house to be free is great way to clear your mind. Most importantly, never lose your hope. The future will bring brighter days, finding new hobbies that take up your time like gardening and being around the beauty full world.Finding ways to decompress your mind is the key. Even watering the plants cant be a stress relief.

* Micro stressors can help you slowly build your tolerance to future stress.

* A lot of people don’t know coffee is a stimulate and can trigger anxiety 

* Always use resources available to you in the public in order to tackle problems if you feel you cannot do it alone.

* Road trips always will help you clear your mind.

Finding a good circle of friends will help you work as a team to conquer your goals.

3. Finding A Good Circle Of Friends And Talking To Professionals Is Always Recommended

The people you hang around are the ones that are going to mold you the most when you are at a younger age. If you don’t pick your friends wisely, they can guide you down a path that you might not want to go down. Your circle is going to be the most important part of your life because they will serve as motivators and supporters for you to become successful. If you choose friends that are bad influences, they can give you misguided advice unintentionally. This is why sometimes it is preferable to seek support from professionals in addition to support from friends and family. Getting the opinion of a professional is invaluable because they will always provide beneficial insight to your problem. You have to have the patience to look at life like it is a marathon, or else you can fall into mistakes thinking you are taking the short cut in life.  If you can whether the storm there will be brighter days in the future. Sometimes it could feel that you have no one to turn to and the medical system could say that it’s all in your head. You have to do a lot of soul searching for mental health.

* Your environment is very important.

*  Having a social support system can really help 

* Remember, in life there is no free lunch. You have to work hard in order to become successful.

Coming up with a game plan is how you can counter act whatever trials and tribulations you’re faced with.

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