Want to Have Customize Designed Sneakers? Here’s Why to Choose Us

Sometime last spring, a teen walked into a famous shoe outlet in California. He was a runner who came to shop for a pair of shoes at a nearby store, expecting something similar to what he had been wearing in the past. When being requested by the clerk to measure his size, the teen exclaimed, “Just give me an 8, I’ve always been an 8.” 10 minutes later, the teen jogged out with a size 9.

The question, “what size shoe do you wear?” may sound quite specific apparently. However, the fact that it’s way too imprecise may instil a sense of perplexity within your mind. What shoe companies don’t tell you is that size depends on a number of factors, for instance, personal preference, stitching or lacing pattern, materials of the shoe, and the shape of your foot. These differences and individual preferences have made custom made an integral component of our everyday life, allowing us to express our artistic creativity in a functional way.

Well, the arsenal of modern gent is not complete without a pair of stylish shoes. For fashionable men, shoes are one of the most important items for making an outfit pop. Undoubtedly, this makes every guy discerning about his footwear, even if his budget isn’t too generous. Last Heroes is definitely aware of that, which is why we let our customers design their own pair of custom sneakers at an affordable cost, simultaneously ensuring that the quality is never compromised. From autumnal sneakers in adventurous colors to classic lace-ups with a twist, or stylish leather sneakers, Last Heroes has got you covered. Really, your imagination is the only limitation to our service. So, if you’re looking for customized menswear, we have reasons why we should be your foremost choice.


We’ve all been presented with an unfortunate moment in life where we looked at a pair of aesthetically pleasing shoes and thought, “oh! If only they were available at a lighter shade of red”, or “nothing wrong with the design, looks flawless, but only if they could’ve cut down on the heels a bit”, or “these shoes look too common, they resemble every other shoes in the store.” Not anymore! Now quit getting what they offer you and start playing by your own rules. Now is the time to find that perfect height, to find that perfect shade of red, and to let your distinct personality shine through. If you adore classical designs but think that they doesn’t fit your style, keep reading, that’s not all customized menswear are about.


The list of people struggling with sizes is to too much to generate. If the shoes are too wide, they cause you discomfort, or worse, they fall off your feet, and if they are tight they substantially hurt your feel. Last Heroes allow you to regulate the width of your shoes, ensuring that these issues don’t haunt you. Additionally, custom sneakers allows us to offer you a plethora of different sizes, both larger and smaller. The good news is, you may modify the widths even on our collection models.


If you consider our planet as your home, believe that consumerism is steadily destroying it. When you opt for ordering customized menswear, even from our designer collections, you are indirectly using less energy since less production waste amounts to lower environment pollution. What’s the main reason behind this? Since big batches of shoes are not produced because people may not buy it, environment wouldn’t be polluted as much. We allow you to select precisely what shoes you want, subsequently producing it for you by hand!


At Last Heroes, we imagine custom sneakers as the future. In fact, the notion of custom made may already be seen as trending in every aspect of fashion and beyond. We firmly believe that custom made will soon guide the whole of fashion industry. Like everything, it is just the next step of evolution. Before the time when mass production became famous, almost everything was made by hand, allowing for customizability. However, this process was quite expensive and sturdy. In today’s day and age, quality is questionable and nothing is personal. Through customized shoes, we aim to deliver handmade quality, facilitate quick customization, and ensure prompt delivery at your doorstep!

Be unique, be yourself

So, you’re someone who likes the weirdest of shoes at the most weirdest of colors, but you almost never find something that matches your individual taste? Or maybe, you’re the classic lover? The print maniac? The no-one-can-have-the-same-shoes-like-me, only-one-of-a-kind friend? Don’t fight it, be your wonderful perfect self and don’t shy away from expressing it in the most unimaginable way possible. So, want to start out with the shoes first? Let’s make it happen!

At Last Heroes, we knit customizability, affordability, and quality together to produce a product that not only makes you stand out, but get your audiences thinking of the possible outlets you may have purchased your sneakers from to show off your creativity.

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