Famous Urban Street Artists Who Became Popular World Wide

The street art scene inspires a lot of people and hides the pain that in the streets

Street Art Exposes People To Art On A Day To Day Basis and Cover The Areas That Are Less Taken Care Of To Make People Think Of Another Reality

      The street art scene has always been a huge part of urban fashion. A lot of famous designers have started out in the street art scene and later transitioned to the fashion industry. Street art is a way to cover up the urban areas that are less privileged and to distract you from what is going on with art. Mark Ecko was one of the greatest street artists. Street art has been a very public scene with artists putting their logos on places that are advertising, which is a great way to send out any message. The street art scene has become very popular. A lot of big name artists have started out in the graffiti street art scene trying to make a name for themselves by showing their art in public spaces. Stussy, Ecko, and Banksy all have put a lot of time into graffiti art. It’s almost like having your own billboard. It’s a real risk to do graffiti art and it attracts a lot of attention because it is illegal.

* Graffiti art has been translated into fine art and has created some of the biggest brands in the industry.

* The graffiti art style is unique because of where it takes place


This is a Banksy street art piece that celebrates self-expression with going against society so spread a message of self awaking

The Popularity of Banksy’s Mysterious Style And The Messages Behind His Art Pieces

     Banksy is an artist from Bristol, United Kingdom. You can come across his popular art pieces all over Europe. His pieces are very complex and the topics make you think. At art auctions his art receives multi-million dollar offers. Banksy has been a mysterious person because his art pieces are highly revered even though he is a graffiti artist. He espouses the message of freedom in his work and about ending war. The amount of work that and detail that gets put into the art makes his work speak for himself. His art is of a quality that should be put onto oil paintings but instead he chose the canvases of the streets. Banksy is very elusive and he goes to great lengths to make sure you never find out his true identity. 

* His art pieces have a lot of detail and contain deep messages. 

* The street seen is very attractive and is appealing to the rebellious side of urban youth.

David Choe is a great artist who did a lot of complex drawing that is almost political With huge wall art displays.

David Choe Is A Famous Asian-American Artist Who Practiced Art In His Home Country And His Home Town

 David Choe is an artist from Los Angeles. He contributed to art in the urban culture and has completed a variety of abstract paintings and murals. He expressed himself through live painting, which is an abstract art style. He was an artist that stayed true to his craft and kept inspiring people to be an artist.   He got arrested in Japan for a fistfight and did a lot of art when he was in jail to prepare for his return to the scene. His art features women with futuristic lines. His color IQ is out of this world and it almost makes you think you are looking into the future. What really made him famous is painting the office space at Facebook. Instead of receiving monetary compensation, he was offered Facebook stock. After a couple of years it made him 200 million dollars, which was out of this world for a struggling artist. 

* Since graffiti takes place in the streets, it promotes intense competition between the graffiti artists

o This makes them come up with more extravagant art pieces.

Alec Monopoly is a very famous artist who draws a lot of American monopoly styles.

Alec Monopoly Art Features American Culture And Different Abstract Graffiti Styles

      Alec Monopoly is an artist from New York. He specializes in spray paint and draws a lot of Monopoly and Disney characters. He drew the art for a few of my favorite cartoon TV shows when I was growing up. Alec Monopoly stayed in the dark about his true identity throughout a large portion of his career. However, he wanted people to see his face during the beginning of this career but later changed his preference. He does really cool oil paintings and travels the world selling art at galleries and does huge graffiti style walls that are beautiful. He does a lot of his art in the Caribbean and lives a luxury life style. His style is the definition of Baller he is such a wonderful person I love watching his life style of him going into a different world with his art works and living his best life,

* Graffiti art features a wide variety of styles and that is why it is so interesting.

o This art style has moved to the textile industry and has made a lot of brands in the urban fashion movement.

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