Fashion Is The Way To Establish Your Identity And Set You Apart From Everyone Else

Denim Jackets with tailored attire gave him a sense of confidence that was unprecedented.  

Fashion Can Be A Form Of Non-Verbal Communication  To Let People Know A Variety Of Things Like How Your Feeling To What Kind Of Music You Like

We are all born differently no one person is the same, even if we follow a few trends that are out there in the world. The way we want to be accepted is a driving force to participate in this madness of keeping up with the jones and purchasing the best outfits to impress that special someone, Express who you are and what you like is the freedom in life that we have in speech. Fashion is extension of Of Communication it can say a million things about a person and how far of a journey they have been on, A person’s clothing choice says a lot about their character. It is a form of non-verbal communication because it communicates information about someone’s socioeconomic status or their general interests. Often times people tend to dress according to age appropriate standards for clothing, so you can also infer a person’s age simply by how they dress. If you take interest in dressing well, that shows that your life is in order and you’re doing well.  Clothing can sometimes say more about a person than you can infer from what they say to you. Fashion can also give hints about what geographic area you’re from since people form the same area will dress alike. In the public’s eye it could show personality and character. Some clothing styles can only be warn by certain social groups in society. It can be used to distinguish who is successful. People can show their success with pride in their fashion and the jewelry they wear. 

* How you dress can show where you’re from, your social status and even your self-esteem.

* Fashion is our identity because it speaks about who we are.

Clothing allows us to be ourselves and represent where we are from through the colors of our flags.

Clothing Is Used To Represent The Geographical Culture Of Our Particular Area Or who We Want To Be In Society

You might as well stand out in a world that made us to be different. We can be our own person and not have to follow what everyone what’s us to be like. Clothing says a lot about which area your from and what you like as a person. If your from The EastCoast or West Coast or like cats. It can really say a lot about who you are or even the area you like to shop. Clothing is what separates us in social class to let people know our success and where we are at in life. its almost race to the top many people are attracted to looking their best, Think if everyone were to be plan and look the same this entire system wouldn’t work and half the things we do wouldn’t be important. Clothing is a great way to cover where your insecurities , The deep complexity of certain outfits can present your self in a unique way. Each style trend that is out there separates us into style groups Urban, High end, emo,. Clothing has always made people have a brand-new slate in life and can be anyone they dream of with their on canvas,. Many People trying to conform to a new group has to adapt to the way each other looks and mirror their style to fit in, Many groups that wear the same clothing listen to the same music Etc, Clothing is what connects us in some sort of ways and if probably the second most important aspect in life besides food being The number one Factor.

Fashion is way to show your status in society photo by Anastasia Pavlenko, attribution 2.0,n/a

Clothing Says So Much About A Person Its A True Extension Of There Presenting Self, What They Think Of Themselves Thoughts Dreams And Economic Status

Clothing shows where you are in life. Where You Come from. It can be the most important part of your life and typically most fashion stylist will be proud of the Clothing they find to present themselves To the public with. People feel special and want to show themselves in the best way they know how. Going to the malls every city trying to find the best trends is the race that keep the world going around, Clothing can be the perfect way to show this pride and often times you can infer where a person is from because they will wear a flag on their shirt. Each area has its own key style which is very cool how people start clothing trends, Clothing can really paint a picture of what region you are from or the culture you would like to represent. People from certain areas all dress with similar fashion motifs. Your identity is who you’re or where you were born. The person you want to be is in your actions, the fruit we produce as human is our behavior. The way you dress is says a lot about yourself and who you are as a person.  Fashion is great way to transform yourself into the person you want to be. Having the freedom of expression is the best part of life. Fashion is the most important way we can show we care about ourselves because it shows we want to look good in public. 

* Fashion makes you a part of a family like a culture that accepts you by the way you dress.

* Being a part of something gives you a feeling of being someone important or being loved by others.

* You want to be the hero in your own movie

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