Jesus T-Shirts By Last Heros

Funny Jesus T-Shirts By Last Heros – Wearing Them The Right Way

Jesus T-Shirts By Last Heros

Thor Son of Odin swings his Mjolnir to summon the power of thunder, Doctor Banner does his famous Hulk Smash and gets the bad guys down. When both of them are done fighting over who’s the mightiest Avenger, they get a drink and “have some fun.” But what about the king of all heroes, the true avenger, none other than our Jesus? With his locks of hair and that perfectly trimmed beard, he sits and looks at us. His Highness is always portrayed with sadness over his beautiful face – we at Last Heros stood up! And drew, designed, and printed him with the modern-day swag and exuberance. Why let the Norse mythology have all the fun? So don our Jesus T-Shirts with our recommended style to make thy Son of God a whole new fashion statement. 

The list below has all the potential to spark controversy. Beware! Wear at your own risk.

Jesus T-Shirts With Printed Shorts

One thing you need to know about the Last Heros is – we don’t take anything serious except for our business. Everything’s got to have a funny side for us. Once you have selected the right funny Jesus Shirts for your wardrobe, we recommend you some printed shorts to complete the whole joke.

“Major Missing” Shorts

Let’s say your white t-shirt reads in rainbow colors. “I support them” with a picture of winking Jesus, pointing down, saying, “Yeah, Because …”. Here come your shorts with the fly area saying “Major missing.” (This might be offensive to others as well)

“Little One’s Tipsy” Shorts

Jesus on your t-shirt holds a barrel of wine emptying it, and the picture reads, “Wine is bad for your liver.” The fun begins where your black shorts are printed like a full wine glass to half of the zip fly, where it says right under the brim “Little One’s Tipsy.” (You might get away with this because it requires some dirty sense of humor). 

Funny Jesus Shirts With Printed Caps

Your Jesus t-shirts would get a whole new charm once they get the right cap to support them. Last Heros just got the right cap ideas for you to have a bit of fun with Jesus.

“P*RN” cap (asterisk replaced with a red heart)

As your cap has got attention already, the game begins with the Last Heros t-shirt. A black t-shirt that has Jesus printed on it saying, “Delete the Bi category …. Rest is fine”. That’s coz; we all know how bad it is to be a “someone.” 

Remember: If you don’t have the funny bone, don’t go for our merchandise.

The “I’M GOD” cap

We recommend you this cap with funny Jesus shirts saying, “Yeah, cool! Step down, Dad, I need that chair”. The t-shirt shows Jesus with that childish requesting face.

Jesus t-shirts With Accessories

Last Heros won’t be offering you such accessories, but you can surely get them online, or why not get them to customize? That would bring a whole new sense of unique humor to you!

An “upside-down cross” locket

Funny Jesus Shirts that show Jesus winking and his finger pointing upwards saying, “Date him he’s an atheist.” Right over his finger is the “upside-down cross” dangling. This would be a perfect combo for a clubbing night where you never know what the other girl might be an atheist. So you’ve got Jesus to vouch for you!

“God of Thunder” locket

This one’s a bit positive so you can don it easily. The locket hangs right over the picture of Jesus on your t-shirt which is in a full dab. But why? Because it says, “Ask him to revive the dead.” So we’ve got him, watch as the ladies go in awe and say “Oh, my, Son of a God” (Best read with pauses).

We at Last Heros believe that “Life is too short to be serious.” We don’t hold anything against religious personalities, but it’s just that we have this humorous tickle in us that helps us design merchandise. Whatever it is, we have the best funny Jesus shirts to help you get heads turned and sometimes attract a bit of frowning towards you. But, follow our recommendations and wear Jesus t-shirts with our preferred add-ons.  

Wait for further recommendations as we add new religious (or the other way around) merchandise and bring you a whole new set of combinations to wear them. Till then, I command thee to buy and wear Last Heros t-shirts, or wait till a bolt of lightning strikes you!

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