Men’s Pirate T-Shirt

Here is Why You Need a Men’s Pirate T Shirt for the Next Halloween

Men’s Pirate T Shirt

How did you spend your last Halloween? Were you running out of ideas with no clue about what to wear to your college party? Dressing up for a Halloween party can put you in a dilemma, especially if you haven’t decided on a theme months ago. You see, when you feel like dressing up to a costume party, you usually step out of your comfort zone. Now that my friend, is not an easy task. Going to a Halloween party cannot be compared to a regular party where you dress up nice and cool. Those are clothes that are commonly available. Halloween is different, as you take up the challenge to do something that you usually wouldn’t. Moreover, the Halloween costume you wear shows how creative you can get with your theme. However, most importantly, it shows how effectively you execute a massive change in your attire.

You must be wondering how can dressing up for Halloween be so difficult with so many costumes available in the market. Well, that my friend is correct, but you are missing an important piece of creativity here. You see, when you dress up to impersonate a character for Halloween, you are putting yourself up for a comparison. For example, a lot of people dress up like superman or cat woman or other movie characters. Now when they do that, they often forget that there are certain attributes about these characters that remain in our subconscious mind. For example, when you think of superman, apart from his abilities and superpowers, you also get a distinctive image about the character and their physical attributes. Superman has a broad muscular body with an exemplary height. Therefore, wearing a superman costume without the physical attributes would make the character look pale and weak.

If someone with a bulging belly wore a superman costume to a Halloween party, they would become the laughing stock and would become the center of attraction, and not in a good way. Similarly, say someone wants to dress up like Peter pan, who is considered to a boy with small, timid, and skinny body. Imagine a 6 feet muscular giant trying to imitate Peter pan on a Halloween; seems weird right? That is the process where you need to give a careful thought. While some might say it is stereotyping and all, it is the truth, though not admirable. As much as people should have the freedom to dress up anyway they like, and are able to do so, looking your best at a Halloween party is the ultimate goal people have. There are people who might be accompanying their girlfriends or boyfriends, or others who are in hopes of creating an impact on the desired one.

Therefore, dressing up for Halloween is trickier than you thought, isn’t it? Well, if you are a little nervous and not sure, what is the safest Halloween dress out there then you have come to the right place. Finding a Halloween dress indeed is a difficult task that may end up in you losing a potential date. Well, this post is exactly for people who need to find out a way to be impressive without sabotaging their potential date plans. Well, without further ado, let us step into the best possible option for you regardless of your height, weight, body physique, and still turn out to be cool

Introducing the Pirate Outfit

Whoa! You thought it would be something more complex! It does not need to be, pirate costume is the best option when you want a reliable Halloween dress without compromising your love life. In addition, when it comes down to saving face in front of your friends, dressing up cool, and not making a fool out of yourself, a pirate dress is the best option. Why you ask? Okay, here why!

All Shapes and Sizes

Have you ever seen pirates? They come in all shapes and sizes. Of course, the first one to strike the mind is Captain Jack Sparrow, but there are so many other pirates out there and you can be anyone of them. Pirates are slim, pirates are obese, pirates have bulging bellies, and pirates have crooked eyes. As far as you can tell, pirates comes in every shape, so impersonating one of them will not be a challenge for anyone. You do not necessarily need impersonate Captain Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook; you can choose to impersonate various other pirates. You can even become a modern pirate who wears men’s pirate t-shirt. Pirate t-shirt designs are available in all sizes and multiple variants, so you can choose the one you like. If you want, you can have a pirate t-shirt design with just pirate written on it, and wear it under a jacket. Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween material, but it would be good for casual parties or night outs.  

Not Only for Men

Well, being a pirate is not just men’s task; females can equally participate in a Halloween contest and become pirates. Well, honestly, female pirates are a lot more cooler them men I guess. However, opinions might vary. Being a female pirate does not require much either, you can choose to be a fat pirate or a petite pirate. As long as you maintain the attire, you aren’t bound by any restrictions at all. Moreover, dressing up like a pirate does not necessarily need you to go out of bounds and step outside your comfort zone. Most pirates wear pants and shirts, which fortunately is still a common dress most people wear these days. Therefore, all you need are tight black or brown pants with a white shirt that has loose sleeves and probably a brown or black waist cost to go with it. A couple of messy additions such as a pair of necklace, a few wristbands, some eyeliner, a waist belt, and that is it. You are officially a cool looking pirate. If you do need to add some sophistication to it, you can wear a pirate captain short-sleeve t-shirt underneath for added beauty.

Therefore, folks, the next time you are confused about what to wear at a Halloween party, be sure to come back to this post for cool ideas about how to dress up like a pirate and give your friends a wonderful and bold surprise.

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