Hottest Designer T-shirt Trends in 2020

Looking for the best t-shirt design trends in 2020? Well, look no further. From artsy to animal-inspired, whatever may be your preference, this list has something for all. We have scoured through all the trending t-shirt designs and compiled a list of the creme.

Cartoon T-shirt Designs

A hot and trending t-shirt design is cartoons. They are all over the fashion world, with amusing, funny, humourous, and entertaining images. Custom t-shirts for sale have exploded all over in recent times and will be seen throughout the seasons of 2020. Whether you are a hard-core fan of ComicCon or have a general love for cartoons, there is sure to be a t-shirt design for you.

Words to Ponder In Your T-shirt Design

2020 is the year of typography in t-shirt design trends. If you are a wordsmith and a lover of quotes, then you are one lucky individual. Inspirational quotes are everywhere in 2020. There is plenty of choices to suit just about anyone, old or young. Think about the message you would like to communicate while you roam out in the world. You’ll see people wearing quotes on current affairs, emotions, world peace, and much more everywhere you turn.

Gothic T-shirt Design Trends

The gothic t-shirt design trend is super hot this year. Imagine skeletons, skulls, mythical creatures, and you are on the right track. Accompanied by beautiful typography and stunning custom logo design, this trend will grab everybody’s attention this year. The variety of illustrations is impressive and will provide limitless choices for the customer.

Animalistic T-shirt Design Trends

Animal-inspired t-shirts are also big in 2020. Nature and environment is a current debate topic, and you can see its influence in designer creations worldwide. From animal prints to earthy illustrations, you can’t escape this hot t-shirt design trend. The influence of nature can appear in the form of dogs, cats, butterflies, and much more. So if you’re a lover of nature, then you are going to absolutely love this year’s trends.

Abstract T-shirt Designs

The abstract design trend is an attractive trend that will have art-enthusiasts swooning and rushing to the shops. Abstract prints have the power to convey individual messages or say something profound about you without using any words. It delves deeper into the visual expression of emotions for the customer. If you have something worth saying, but don’t want to use words, abstract designs are perfect for you.

Art-inspired T-shirt Design Trends

Any kind of artwork can be transformed into a t-shirt design for the artists among you. From storebought to creating your own, the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you’re looking to transform your kid’s drawing into wearable art. A social media post can also be transformed into a unique design to help you stand apart from the rest. Whatever your choice, the art revolution is all around, and it’s here to stay.

Landscapes T-shirt Designs

We are in awe of the landscape t-shirt design trends in 2020. From hillsides to mountains, the land will be a focal point in the design trends this year. With their symbolic interpretations that have inspired metaphorical quotes the world over, mountains are all the rage this year.

Floral Design Trends

Minimalistic florals are all over the design trends in 2020—Feminine, delicate, and irresistible. Whether you want your flowers to envelope a quote or a picture, the options are limitless. Flowers symbolize hope, new beginnings, and happiness, to mention a few. Regardless of your preference, there is a flower power t-shirt waiting for you.

Vintage & Retro T-shirt Designs

The 60s and 70s vintage typography is racing all other designs to the shops. These cheap, cool t-shirts for men and women are composed of hipster designs, colors, and wording in a variety of trippy fonts that will free your spirit and throw caution to the wind. Get your groove on with a psychedelic tee that will serve you well at that upcoming festival.

Bizarre/ Outlandish T-shirt Designs

For all the dark-minded, horror fans among you, you’ll be queueing outside the stores for this design trend. Think spooky surgeons from eras gone by, splattered blood, and scattered human parts, and you are on the right track. This macabre and unique trend is not for the faint-hearted. However, these statement pieces are designed specifically to draw attention.

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